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mindfulness is a way of being

Mindfulness is the courage to show up in your fullness, a willingness to step into the unknow, and to learn how to be in a loving, creative and wise relationship with what is, no matter what. It is a never-ending process to maturation.

Agenda 2021
Achter-ruimte A'dam

9 - 13 juni Beaumont, Belgié
Spiritual Ecology Retreat
24 - 29 aug. Beaumont, Belgié
From Mindfulness to Buddhism Retreat
17 sept, 15 okt, 5 nov. Amsterdam
Systems-Centered Training
10, 11 september Saint Jean, Bretagne
Start Mindfulness training (4 x 2 days)
23-24 oktober Brussel, Belgié
Start Compassion training (3 x 2-days)
29-30 oktober Amsterdam
Start Mindfulness training (4 x 2-days)
27 nov. t/m 1 dec. op de Veluwe
Van Mindfulness naar Inzicht Retraite